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Nursing Division Strategic Goals


To provide excellent care for every patient, every time.


As an entity within Baxter Health, the Nursing Division commits to build, develop, integrate, and sustain a transformational culture through Shared Governance. Supported by our Core Foundational Documents, nursing practice adheres to relationship-based care and the Theory of Caring, our Nursing Philosophy, Professional Practice Model, Care Delivery System, Scope of Services and Nursing Professional Code of Ethics.


ICARE – Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence


The Nursing Division outperforms national benchmarks in transformational leadership, empowerment, and the practice environment, clinical outcomes, research, Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), performance improvement, and the patient experience setting the standard for our region and improving the health of the populations we serve.

Nursing Strategic Plan 2020 Goals

  • Coordinate learning activities and establish plan for Magnet site visit
  • Achieve Magnet Designation
  • Staff understand hospital mission, purpose, external drivers and priorities
  • Implement Succession Planning focused on retention, talent and stewardship
  • Maintain < 3.75% open RN Clinical Nurse (bedside) positions
  • Leverage partnerships ensuring the ability to recruit and hire 40 RN residents per year
  • Ensure traveler usage to <10
  • Conduct a Nursing Continuing Educational Assessment
  • Create plan for Nursing Clinical Ladder
  • RN Practice Environment Scale (PES) – outperform the Magnet mean
  • Nurse-Sensitive Quality Indicators (e.g. injury falls, pressure injuries stage 2+, CAUTI, CLABSI, etc.) – outperform the Magnet mean
  • Add Nurse Sensitive Indicators for Inpatient (C-Diff, MRSA, Device Related PI) and Ambulatory (Return to Acute care, Extravasation rate, Unplanned Post-Op transfers/admissions, Patient Burns, Procedural Errors).
  • Add Nursing Structure Indicators Workforce Characteristics
  • RN Turnover Rate – outperform the Magnet mean
  • Patient Satisfaction – outperform the Magnet mean
  • Establish a RN/CN member on 95% of all org level decision making teams
  • SIM Lab – fully operational
  • Remodel 6 South, 5 South

Nursing Strategic Plan Future Goals


  • Implement Nursing Clinical Ladder
  • Remodel Inpatient Units: 3 West, ICU


  • Submit Magnet application for re-designation
  • No Lift Culture
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