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Of all the joints in the body, the knees are the ones that most people will have a complication with at some point in their lives, as it is a very complex joint. While people with labor intensive jobs and athletic hobbies are more susceptible to knee pains, the natural wear and tear on the joint could be cause for anyone to seek medical treatment when a complication occurs.

At Baxter Health we consider surgery to be a last resort for treating joint pains and help our patients explore less-invasive treatments and prescribe the method they feel most comfortable with that will be most effective at treating their pain. When surgery is required to treat your condition, you can trust our experienced team of Orthopaedists at Baxter Health to explore every measure necessary for your safety, health, and recovery.

What is VISIONAIRE Precision Cutting Guidance?

You are a very unique person and just like the prints on your fingers, your anatomy is one of a kind - which is why every VISIONAIRE Cutting Guide is manufactured with the intent to not be a one size fits all approach, but designed to be just as unique as you.

It is important to note that VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides do not change the basic premise of total knee replacement, but significantly enhances the precision of your orthopaedic surgeon. To reconstruct the knee joint's functionality, your surgeon will remove any damaged bone and soft tissue from your knee and replace that tissue with a specially-designed, hypoallergenic material. VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides allow your surgeon to select and position your new Oxinium implant based on your unique anatomy before even stepping into the operating room for your procedure.

VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides provide a truly personalized solution to your orthopaedic surgeon to bridge the gap between the precisely engineered implant and your unique anatomy. This provides an actual custom-fit procedure that is shorter and less invasive with a faster and less painful recovery, leading to improved implant longevity.

What is Oxinium?

What we put in our bodies is incredibly important. We read nutrition facts about our food and often ask what is in our water; but what about the materials in your new knee implant? Shouldn't you know what is in them as well?

Oxinium is an award-winning joint replacement material developed more than 20 years ago with an important goal: To provide orthopaedic patients with durable implants constructed from a biocompatible material that will reduce, if not eliminate, any chance of allergic reaction complications. Baxter Health is one of the only hospitals in this part of the world that use Oxinium implants in every knee replacement case, with the lowest prices in the nation, to boot.

Unlike other alloys, Oxinium is extremely hypoallergenic. It does not contain the allergen cobalt chrome found in many other implants. The cherry on top? The FDA has cleared Oxinium implants for a 30-year life-span. One study showed that 10 years after knee replacement surgery, 98% of Oxinium knee implants were functioning without need of revision.

At the end of your Oxinium knee implant replacement surgery, you can be confident that you are walking away with an implant with the durable strength of metal, low-wear characteristics of ceramic, and a resistance to corrosion better than BOTH!

You should always speak to a doctor about knee problems, especially if they involve:

  • An injury
  • Wear and tear from athletic activity
  • Torn ligaments
  • Torn cartilage
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Pain that lasts for more than a week
  • Pain that has only gotten worse with time

Knee pain can be caused by any number of things. While some joint pain can fade without any intervention, certain conditions only worsen over time and it is in your best interest to have a doctor examine the area so they can begin an appropriate treatment in the early stages if necessary.

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