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Hensley Senior Behavioral Health Center

Baxter Regional Mental Health Services for Senior Adults

For more information about the Hensley Senior Behavioral Health Center, call (870) 508-6400 or (800) 485-1744.

Hensley Senior Behavioral Health Center, located on the 6th floor of Baxter Regional Medical Center, provides a caring, supportive environment specifically designed to meet the mental health needs of people 55 years of age and older. Through a structured plan of individual counseling, group therapy, coordinated activities, and family support, patients are given the opportunity to renew social, physical, and mental skills.

Making Patients Feel At Home

The 19-bed center offers an intimate, comfortable environment for patient treatment and recovery. The private patient rooms are spacious and designed to provide a pleasant atmosphere.

To meet the unique needs of each patient, we rely on an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including primary-care physicians, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and other trained professionals. The healthcare team works in unison to help each patient achieve a more satisfying lifestyle.

The interdisciplinary treatment team develops individual treatment plans for each patient that address both medical and emotional needs through:

  • Comprehensive medical care
  • Structured daily activities
  • Individual counseling
  • Group and family therapies
  • Recreational therapy through music, art, and more

Individualized treatment plans are used to measure the improvement of each patient throughout their stay at the center.

Getting Back Into Life

The goal of the Hensley Senior Behavioral Health Center is to help patients return to the most constructive and optimistic lifestyle possible. The healthcare team creates a continuing-care plan on the day of admission that is expanded throughout the duration of the patient’s hospitalization in preparation for returning the individual their home environment. The patient's family plays a vital role in all phases of care, from hospitalization to recovery and continuing care. The aftercare plan developed by the treatment team provides guidance for the patient after they leave the program.

Admissions and Insurance

Referrals from physicians, human services agencies, the community, and from family are welcome, as are self-referrals. Assessments may be requested by a referral source and are provided by qualified, professional members of our clinical team. A physician determines if an individual needs to be admitted to the center.

Services for patients admitted to the Hensley Senior Behavioral Health Center are covered by Medicare and most major health insurance companies.

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