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FAQ About Laboratory and Pathology Testing

Do I Need an Appointment for Lab Tests?

No appointment is needed; we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours on week days or on the weekend, please come to the Emergency Department to register.

What Do I Need to Bring When I Come for the Testing?

You need to bring your identification, your insurance information, the test order from your provider with the diagnosis or reason the test is being done, & his or her signature.

Do I Have to Fast Before My Blood Tests?

You do not have to fast unless your provider tells you to or he or she has ordered test(s) that require fasting, such as glucose, lipid panel or the tests it contains (cholesterol, HDL & triglycerides) and basic or comprehensive metabolic panels.

How Long Should I Fast?

If your provider did not tell you how long to fast, you should not eat or drink anything for approximately 12 hours prior to the test. Fasting means you should not eat or drink anything except for small amounts of water.

If I Have to Fast, Can I Take My Medications?

In general, yes but please talk to your provider.

I Did Not Fast. Can I Have My Blood Drawn Anyway?

We prefer that you do not have your blood drawn for fasting tests unless you are fasting. Please consult with your provider.

Why Is My Provider Ordering This Test?

Lab tests are done to diagnose medical conditions, screen for potential health problems & monitor treatment. Please consult your provider if you have questions.

Why Do I Have to Have This Test Repeated?

Your provider may want to confirm the results, look for changes over time or monitor the status of a disease or treatment. Please discuss with your provider.

When Will My Provider Get the Results?

Many routine tests are completed the same day they are collected, although some special tests may take longer. Test results are available in your electronic medical record for your provider to see as soon as we finish the test.

How May I See My Results?

You may see your results online by clicking on Baxter Regional Patient Portals.

Do I Have to Register Every Time I Come In?

Yes, unless you are scheduled for weekly or monthly recurring Lab testing. Contact Patient Financial Services (870) 508-1090 for more information.

Can You Tell Me What These Lab Results Mean?

Your specific results should be discussed with the physician or provider that ordered them, however, a Medical Laboratory Scientist may be able to answer general test related questions. Test results may be outside of normal ranges for many reasons. Talk to your provider about your test results.

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