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Community Paramedics Mobile Healthcare

Specialized Paramedic Services for Homebound PatientsCommunity Paramedics logo

Community Paramedic Mobile Healthcare, contact Director of Ambulance Services Gerald Cantrell, RN / Paramedic, at (870) 508-RISK (7475) or email

The Baxter Health Community Paramedic Mobile Healthcare Program has been established to work in partnership with other healthcare agencies within Baxter and Marion counties. This partnership will help bring preventative healthcare to an underserved and at-risk population of patients. Clients that may benefit from this program are those that are at risk for hospital readmission, those who do not qualify for home health, chronically ill patients that require support in the home and patients who are identified as high capacity users of the 911 system and Cline Emergency Center.

Who are Community Paramedics?

The BAXTER REGIONAL Community Paramedic program is staffed by highly experienced and skilled paramedics. All Community Paramedics have received additional training to help manage clients in their home.

What can a Community Paramedic do in the patient’s home?

Community Paramedics are trained under the guidance of the medical control physician through the BAXTER HEALTH Cline Emergency Center. Skills identified by this training include:

  • In-home patient assessments
  • Cardiac Monitoring / 12 Lead EKG
  • Oxygen therapy, oxygen saturation monitoring, updraft therapy
  • Blood draws for lab results
  • Assisting the clients primary care physician with management of chronic illness in-home
  • Medication reconciliation / education
  • Patient education including wellness, healthy eating, resource management
  • In-home falls assessment
  • Serve as a link for managing community resources
  • Telehealth monitoring services
  • Initiate collaborative care
  • Public health, home health, Area Agency on Aging, Social Services, Continuity of Care
  • Readmission avoidance / reduction

How are clients enrolled in the program?

The Community Paramedic Program is a referral-based service through Baxter Health. Referrals are received through these contacts:

  • EMS staff after an ambulance/patient contact
  • Cline Emergency Center physician/nurse/case workers
  • Hospital staff (Continuity of Care)
  • Primary care physicians