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Reppell Diabetes Learning Center

Comprehensive Diabetes Education in Baxter County

The Reppell Diabetes Learning Center staff at Baxter Regional Medical Center, working with your doctor, will provide you with these tools so that you can manage your diabetes.

The Diabetes Program

The diabetes program covers various topics that, together, provide the tools necessary to manage your diabetes. The topics covered are based on your needs and may include:

  • Self-care skills
  • Family involvement and social support
  • Stress and psychological adjustment
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and activity planning
  • Medications
  • Monitoring and use of results
  • Prevention, detection and treatment of acute and chronic complications
  • Use of healthcare systems and community support
  • Diabetes and pregnancy

Admission to the Program

  • A doctor’s referral is required for admission to the program
  • Routine follow-up visits are included
  • Referring doctors are kept informed of their patients’ progress
  • Medicare and some private insurance companies cover program charges

The Reppell Diabetes Learning Center is accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. Scholarships are available.

For more information, call the Reppell Diabetes Learning Center at (870) 508-1765 or email Jodi Bodenhamer, MSN, RN, CDCES, RDLC Coordinator, at

RDLC Advisory Board

  • Dr. Lincoln Godfrey - Medical Director
  • Lorri Strider, APRN - Community Relations Chair
  • Wendy Barr, PharmD
  • Julie Blair, LSW
  • Bailey Bodenhamer
  • Amanda Callies
  • Jeff Quick
  • Mark Sheaner
  • Logan Stone
  • April Williams
  • Jodi Bodenhamer, MSN, RN, CDCES - RDLC Coordinator/Nurse Educator
  • Jan Halligan, RD, LD, CDCES - RDLC Dietitian

Meet the Coordinator

Jodi Bodenhamer, MSN, RN, CDCES

Jodi Bodenhamer was named the Reppell Diabetes Learning Center Coordinator in 2010. She has served on the Baxter Regional staff since 2007, first as a post-surgical RN on 2 West and more recently on 5 South - Orthopaedics. Jodi attended Arkansas State University and graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2006.

Jodi is certified in CPR and ACLS and completed her certified diabetes care and education specialist training in 2013. She earned her CDCES designation in December, 2013.

Jodi was born and raised in North Central Arkansas. She and her husband, Buddy, and their children Tabby, Trace, Estes and Peyton enjoy outdoor fun in the Ozarks.

If you would like to learn more about the Reppell Diabetes Learning Center, you can contact Jodi at

Reppell Diabetes Learning Center Staff

Your doctor, registered nurses, registered dietitians, social workers and a certified diabetes educator make up the Reppell Diabetes Learning Center Patient Education Program staff at Baxter Regional. You and your family members complete this important team.


  • Support of a healthcare team knowledgeable in the latest advances in diabetes care
  • A healthcare team you can count on for any complications that may arise
  • Better management of your treatment plan
  • Prevention of unnecessary hospital admission
  • Prevention of some of the acute and chronic complications related to diabetes

For more information, call the Reppell Diabetes Learning Center at (870) 508-1765 or email Jodi Bodenhamer, MSN, RN, CDCES, RDLC Coordinator at