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Educational Seminars
  • Please call the PCSH at (870) 508-CARE (2273) to register for these programs.

Throughout the year, the Peitz Cancer Support House offers free educational classes and seminars on a variety of cancer-related topics. The role of nutrition, physical activity in healing, spiritual healing, and prevention and early detection of cancer are featured.

Cancer - Education Series
This educational Seminar is designed to give an overview of cancer & treatment.  The seminar is for patients, caregivers, family members and friends. 

Topics covered: 

  • Cancer Defined
  • Treatments Explained
  • Resources Available
  • Support Available
  • Financial Considerations
  • Management of symptoms & side effects

Seating is limited–Please call (870)508-2273 to register


Nutrition Education Series

Cancer treatment often affects a person’s eating habits and nutritional needs.  Although it is important for people with cancer to maintain a healthy body weight and eat nutritious foods, the side effects of treatment may cause a person to eat less and lose weight.  On the other hand, some treatments may cause weight gain.  Cancer treatment often causes side effects, such as nausea, mouth sores, and taste changes that make it difficult to eat or drink.

Jan Halligan, RD, LD, CDE with Baxter Regional Medical Center will discuss nutritional needs of cancer patients before, during & after treatment.  Coping with treatment related side effects related to our appetite and nutrition will also be discussed. 

Seating is limited–Please call (870)508-2273 to register

PSCH Exercise Programs

Regular Exercise can help to ease some side effects of treatment, such as fatigue. Exercise can improve your ability to complete normal activities of daily, lower the risk of anxiety or depression, and improve your quality of life. Exercise is also beneficial in reducing cancer recurrence. There are two exercise programs offered free of charge to anyone diagnosed with cancer through the Peitz Cancer Support House. As in any exercise program, please consult your physician before beginning. Don’t let cancer slow you down.

  • PCSH Cancer Wellness Group
    Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.

    An exercise program specifically designed for cancer patients in all stages of treatment and recovery. Sessions are individualized to your abilities and needs.

  • Yoga
    Tuesdays 5:30 p.m., Wednesdays 10:30 a.m., Thursdays, 2:00 p.m.

Deeper breathing and relaxation techniques combined with gently stretching.   Yoga can be beneficial during and after cancer treatments. It is recommended that you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and bring a yoga mat if you choose to do floor exercises, however all exercises can be done from a chair.

Tobacco Cessation

Our Tobacco Cessation program is an excellent, FREE program for anyone wishing to stop using tobacco. QuitSmart certified counselors will help you develop an individualized Tobacco Cessation plan. QuitSmart Class consists of 3 sessions. Sessions are held over a two week time period. Each program participant will receive a QuitSmart booklet, an artificial cigarette, and a relaxation CD. Two weeks of nicotine replacement patches are also offered.

Session includes 3 classes 

Seating is limited–Please call (870)508-2273 to register

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