Apr 12, 2013

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month

Baxter Regional Medical Center provides pain medication, drug and alcohol stabilization treatment services through the First Step program.

BRMCand#39;s First Step program is a medical detoxification service for those experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms due to the effects of addiction to pain medication, drugs or alcohol.

First Step is a medically supervised hospital stay that typically lasts three nights with BRMC Hospitalists Dr. Lincoln Godfrey - First Step Medical Director, Dr. Melissa Dirst-Roberts, Dr. Daniel Goodwin, Dr. Richard Schmidt and Dr. Steve Wilber providing the necessary care to treat symptoms that arise. The program deals with patients who have made the decision to address their addiction and enter the program voluntarily.

When a patient is discharged, an aftercare referral plan is already in place, to better assist the patientandrsquo;s goal for a positive, successful outcome.

First Step accepts Medicaid, Medicare, most insurance plans and private pay. For more information, call First Step at (870) 508-7590. All calls are confidential.