May 11, 2012

Baxter Regional Breast Imaging Center - Pampering and Care

The design is elegant, the atmosphere soothing, the furniture inviting. Welcome to the newly opened Baxter Regional Breast Imaging Center.

Women can now come in for their physician-referred mammogram and enjoy pampering as part of the process. The moment you walk up to the etched glass windows on the entry doors and go into the waiting area, the experience will be different from anything you have previously encountered.

The new11, 500 sq. foot area, designed by Lori Kauffman houses the state-of-the-art 3D tomosynthesis equipment now being used at BRMC for all mammograms. andldquo;We are more than proud of this beautiful addition to BRMC, said Ron Peterson, CEO/President. “Our COO, Rudy Darling and construction supervisor, Tom Lester worked with local contractors to create this stunning Center. I’m immensely proud of their accomplishments and what it means to our community”, Peterson stated. “I also want to thank our hospital board for their support in helping make this a reality,” Peterson said.

andldquo;When I came in for my annual mammogram, they had not yet ‘formally’ opened the Breast Imaging Center but were just starting to use the area and I could not believe what I was seeing”, a recent patient said. “The walk from the changing area to the exam room was like walking through an art gallery. Bright vivid colored pictures on the walls with restful lighting and magnificent fixtures… it was just beautiful!” she stated.

Private rooms await each patient along with a soft, warm robe. Personal lockers with a lock allow you to store your belongings and feel comfortable about moving to the 3 D tomosynthesis equipment for your mammogram. The experience is like none other, and it is all just waiting for you at the new Baxter Regional Breast Imaging Center. Please ask your physician for a referral today!