Occupational Therapy

Helping Residents of North Arkansas & South Missouri

Baxter Regional Medical Center offers effective, personalized, and compassionate occupational therapy services to all our patients. Our care is given to those who have lost their ability to be independent due to neurological or physical trauma, degenerative conditions, or developmental problems. We help patients restore function by treating weakened or impaired muscle abilities, physical endurance and mobility problems, visual impairments, cognition and problem solving issues, and impaired sensorimotor functions. We frequently treat individuals who have suffered impairments due to strokes, brain injuries, or medical conditions.

Physically Rehabilitating Your Upper Extremity Dysfunction

We begin treatment with a thorough assessment of our patient’s upper extremity impairment. The comprehensive treatment for this may include rang-of-motion and strength exercises, the use of procedures for acute or chronic pain, scar management, assessment and treatment of impaired hand functionality, and training motor and coordination skills.

Orthotics & Splinting for Your Upper Extremities

Baxter Regional Medical Center offers a vast range of splinting patterns and materials personalized to fit each patient’s individual lifestyle, anatomy, and condition. These splints are available to treat our patients’ elbows, nerve lacerations, fingers, fractures, nerve compression syndrome, acute trauma, hypermobility, joint contracture, sprains, and degenerative changes. A majority of these splints can be created in an hour or less and they are easily adjustable. Splints are generally removable in order to allow for good hygiene practices, improved skin integrity, lessened joint stiffness, and a small range of gentle motion exercises.