Hand & Wrist

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel & Hand Pain in North Central Arkansas

If you’ve ever had a wrist or hand cramp, you know how painful it can be. Most of us can count on having to use our hands at some point during the day, especially if your job involves the use of a computer. Cramps and pains in the hand are an inconvenience no one can simply ignore. The orthopedic specialists at Baxter Regional Medical Center have a variety of treatments designed specifically for treating these conditions. We can help you diagnose the cause of your pain and prescribe a treatment that will speed up recovery.

Treating Pain at Home

Before visiting the doctor, there are several things you can do on your own to relieve pain until you have a chance to consult a medical professional.

There are several ways to care for your hand at home, such as:

  • Using a splint or brace to mitigate wrist pain
  • Applying an ice or heat pack to the affected area
  • Stop wearing rings, bracelets, watches, etc. until pain is completely gone
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication like Aspirin (be sure to take as directed on package)

If these remedies are not working, or your pain persists for longer than a few days, then it is time to seek professional help. Your condition could be the result of an infection or other serious issue that you do not want to wait to have treated. Schedule an appointment with an orthopedist and get the pain relief you need.

To learn more about hand and wrist care at BRMC, call 870-424-4710 or visit our video center which contains more info on our specific orthopedic procedures.