First Step

Alcohol and Pain Medication Detox

Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Healthcare, most insurances and private pay are accepted. For more information, call First Step at (870) 508-7590. All calls and voicemails are confidential.

First Step treats those who are suffering due to the effects of alcohol and/or pain medications and experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms.

Admission to First Step begins with a phone screening of the potential patient Monday - Friday (no drop-ins). Patients are accepted once they have been screened, their insurance company has been notified and an Aftercare Plan has been set up.

Our Team is Ready to Help

BRMC has a qualified treatment team including a Medical Director, Hospitalists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and nursing staff. Patients can have their primary care physician refer to First Step, or the patient can self-refer.

The ultimate goal of our First Step service is to provide a safe and comfortable medical detox in an acute care hospital for approximately three nights. Our patients are those who are in need of a medical detox, which is the very first step in any recovery.