What is the Foundation?

Supporting Healthcare in North Central Arkansas

Baxter Regional Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital. We only charge patients the bare minimum of what we need in order to cover the basic expenses of their treatment. This is invaluable for providing accessible healthcare to North Central Arkansas and South Central Missouri, but makes it difficult for the hospital to grow. That’s where the Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation (BHRF) comes in.

Healthcare is always changing. New technology is designed to more effectively and safely treat patients in methods that are as minimally invasive as possible. Not only is it important for hospitals to purchase this new tech, they must also provide the staff access to education and training opportunities so that they can properly utilize the newest medical procedures. While this growth benefits the community as a whole, we do not believe the people who need our help should be the ones to pay for it. The foundation creates fundraising opportunities so that generous members of the community can contribute to BRMC and help us remain as one of the most advanced hospitals in the region.

Money well spent

The BRHF finds many unique ways to fund growth for the medical center, including:

  • Annual campaigns – yearly mailings to former patients and community members. The mailing may include an update on the hospital’s activities and growth, but always includes an appeal for a gift. The Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation conducts an annual campaign.
  • Capital campaigns – one-time efforts over limited periods of time to raise funds for specific projects, such as a new facility, new equipment or a new service.
  • Planned giving – when a person leaves part of his or her estate for the hospital foundation in a will, or establishes a charitable gift annuity or trust. The Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation is licensed through the state of Arkansas to issue charitable gift annuities.
  • Endowments – investments set up by the foundation for the hospital. The money for the investment comes from contributions. The returns go to the hospital, but the original money isn’t touched. This provides a stable, long-term income source for the hospital.
  • Special events and programs, such as Lend-a-Hand, Employee Fund Drive, Dinner & Wine Tasting, Paws for the Cause Pet Calendar, 5K Runs and Craft and Bake Sales.
  • Major gifts, large one-time donations from individual donors.

Contributions help with building or maintaining facilities, buying new equipment/latest technology, medical scholarships and support of our community health education houses.

Your Support Means Everything

Donating your time or money to a hospital makes a huge impact in the community – it makes a life changing difference for our patients. We greatly appreciate you even taking the time to consider supporting the foundation and will gladly answer any questions you may have about how you can support Baxter Regional Medical Center.

Better hospital funding means more and better services. In the long run any contribution to a hospital’s foundation is an investment in your and your community’s health. To contribute to the Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation, email foundation@baxterregional.org or click here to donate online.