Supporting Baxter Regional Medical Center

Helping Us Help You in North Central Arkansas

Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation formed as a nonprofit organization in 1988 with a mission to raise money to keep our community healthy. The foundation supports the services and efforts of Baxter Regional Medical Center, which provides care for more than 89,000 people living in 12 counties in Arkansas and Missouri. We strive to provide all our patients with effective, compassionate, and personalized healthcare services.

These are the 11 counties we provide medical services to, with the first 2 in Missouri and the last 9 in Arkansas:

  • Ozark
  • Howell
  • Stone
  • Sharp
  • Boone
  • Izard
  • Newton
  • Marion
  • Baxter
  • Searcy
  • Fulton

Regardless of ability to pay, Baxter Regional Medical Center turns no one away. This leaves the hospital to absorb more than $8 million in unpaid medical bills each year. The need for support from donors is more important than ever. Your contributions provide extra services and programs the hospital cannot support with the annual budget. You can help make a huge difference in someone else’s life. If you are interested in helping others and helping your community, you can reach us at:

Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation
624 Hospital Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653
(870) 508-1770

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