BRMC Leadership

BRMC Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, BRMC is governed by a volunteer board of directors, the members of which receive no compensation for their guidance and service. Members of the BRMC Board of Directors currently include:

  • Jerry Cunningham – Chairman
  • Steven Sanders Jr. – Vice-Chairman
  • Daniel Goodwin, MD – Chief of Staff, Secretary
  • Lang Zimmerman – Treasurer
  • Rosalyn Blagg
  • Sally Gilbert
  • Randy Hopper
  • Steve Luelf
  • Ted Sanders
  • Brad Schulz, MD – Chief of Staff-Elect
  • Paul Wade

BRMC Senior Leadership Team

BRMC Senior Leadership Team includes (from left) Barney Larry, Nicole Vaccarella, Ron Peterson, Debbie Henry, David Fox, Karen Adams and Shannon Nachtigal.
  • Ron Peterson – President/Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Adams – VP/Human Resources
  • David Fox – VP/Chief Operating Officer
  • Debbie Henry – VP/Chief Financial Officer
  • Barney Larry – VP/Business Development and Executive Director, Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation
  • Shannon Nachtigal, MSN, RN, NEA-BC – VP/Chief Nursing Officer
  • Nicole Vaccarella – VP/General Counsel