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superDimension™ Navigation System
You’ve been told you have a spot on your lung. Or a lung nodule. Or a lung mass. You have many questions but first you need a lung biopsy.

What is a lung biopsy?
Physicians need to take a tissue sample or biopsy in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

It may sound scary but finding spots on your lung when they are small may have advantages. There is research that shows most small lung spots turn out not to be cancer and could be an infection or scar tissue from a previous infection.

How does the doctor get the lung biopsy?
Traditionally doctors used a procedure called bronchoscopy where a thick but flexible tube called a bronchoscope is used to examine the inside of the air passages and take a small tissue sample for analysis. Standard bronchoscopies only allow doctors to reach spots that are close to the main airways.

Today, Medtronic's superDimension™ Navigation System, or superD, is used to perform Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy™ (ENB™) procedures that can access distant regions of the lung. The system aids in early diagnosis and can help your physician plan your treatment.

How does an ENB™ procedure differ from traditional bronchoscopy?
Traditional bronchoscopy typically allows access only to the center regions of the lung. BRMC now uses the superDimension™ Navigation System and its specialized LungGPS™ technology, which enables our physicians to navigate to the outer areas of the lung during an ENB™ procedure.

Is this a new procedure? Is it safe?
More than 50,000 people have had an ENB™ procedure at one of the leading medical centers worldwide that use the superDimension™ system. The superD may enhance the patient experience with lower procedural complications than conventional diagnostic procedures.

How long has BRMC offered this procedure?
BRMC has offered the superDimension™ Navigation System since September, 2014. Louis Elkins, M.D., cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, is trained on the superD system and performs the ENB procedures.

Where can I find more information?
For more information about the superDimension™ Navigation System, visit

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