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Community Health Talk: Regain Bladder Control

  • Categories: Urology, Webinar

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  • Event Type:Webinar

Do you experience leaks? Are you tired of constantly having to go to the restroom? The good news is... Baxter Regional Urology Clinic has a solution to help you regain control of your bladder and your life!

Join Daniel Zapata, MD for a the webinar Community Health Talk: Regain Bladder Control on Wednesday, October 13 at 6 p.m.

At this virtual event, you will:

  • Learn about your condition and understand why this is happening
  • Learn about your treatment options, including Axonics® Therapy — a long-lasting solution that delivers symptoms relief

It's time to regain control of your bladder! Visit to register today, or call Baxter Regional Urology Clinic at (870) 508-6020 for more information.

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